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Luxury, creativity and modernity! Experience Terry de Gunzburg's extraordinary makeup and skin care. Today's most innovative formulas, perfected by an exceptional and dynamic Research & Development department that is constantly searching for novel active ingredients and cutting-edge technologies.


“The genius of makeup, the guru of colour...” journalists exclaim! Women, from all walks of life, are addicted to her tips, her products and revolutions.

A mother of 4 children, Terry displays her talent and passion for beauty in the luxury world. After twenty years developing her creativity, ingeniousness, imagination and expertise in the company of some of the greatest names in fashion, beauty and art, Terry decided to launch herself into a new personal and picturesque adventure.

Eager to live her passions, explorations and sense of women needs, she creates By Terry, her first make up line, an original beauty concept carrying her own signature. Her inventive intellect leaps from dream to dream to interpret our beauty reality to the best of her abilities.

It was by chance that she became a “Studio Makeup-Artist”. Because no one else was available, Maria Carita sent her to cover a photo session for “Vogue” (the “Haute Couture” edition!). She dived head first into this adventure, free of complex, approaching it as a new experience. Because she did not know what she was “supposed to do”, she went straight to the heart, focusing on her perfect know how, without cheating or “false pretences”.

“An impeccable mouth, an invisible complexion, full, separate lashes... I focus on my know-how!" said Terry. The result was fresh, unexpected, and different. Terry had just left “her mark”, “her style” without even realising it. From magazines to sets, she made up everyone, everywhere. “I did everything the others didn’t want to do, it is the best way to learn!”

1985 she was to meet Yves Saint Laurent with whom she spent 15 years. There, she learns all the ins and outs of “creation”, “business” and “operations” and develops her understanding of marketing and women needs which differ internationally. She invents emblematic products such as Touche Éclat, creates makeup collections that reflect the emotions of fashion designers and become seasonal events in their own right.

In 1998, Terry opens her first By Terry store. Her flagship boutique is located in the most elegant and mysterious galleries of Paris “Galerie Véro-Dodat”. This secret and confidential passage nests artists, antique dealers, as well as the famous shoe designer Christian Louboutin.

In 2000, Terry ended her collaboration with Yves Saint Laurent in order to devote herself entirely to the development of her brand and the design of new concepts in beauty care.

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