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Relax and enjoy great scents in your own home spa! Bathing with the right products is about caring for the skin but also for the mind, which it is important to take care of as well. Dive deep into a world of soothing, moisturising, refreshing and softening products that gently cleanse the skin while carefully selected ingredients provide you with new energy.

There are a wide variety of oils available to uplift all the senses. For example, neroli oil has long been highly rated in aromatherapy for its soothing and relaxing scent that eases tension, anxiety and stress. Take a herbal bath with energising eucalyptus and pine, soothing muscles and joints help open up the respiratory tract and relieve symptoms of colds and flu. Bath salts have refreshing properties and also function as a body scrub. But do not forget that water is dehydrating – always moisturise the skin after a bath, especially during the winter when the air is drier both inside and outside.

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