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A serum often also contains additional active ingredients and has a small molecular formula, which means that it can penetrate down to the deeper layers of the skin and thus it can have a faster effect. This step in a skin care routine is a crucial feature of an effective skin care programme, especially if you choose the serum that best targets your skin's specific needs.

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With so-called layering you can apply several serums or boosters on top of each other, to partly replenish the moisture content at several levels but also to treat different skin conditions simultaneously. You can also choose a lighter serum before your moisturiser, and finish your routine with an oil that locks in moisture and enriches the skin with protective antioxidants. Customise your serum according to season and need - during the summer, a vitamin C serum can be suitable, to provide extra protection against UV rays and free radicals (together with UV filters) and during the winter your skin may need more nutrition in the form of a fuller serum with softening fatty acids.

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