Brow & lash tint

Colouring the lashes and brows is an ingenious idea for those who want to make makeup easier. Or maybe you want to skip it completely on hot summer days but still have defined eyes and brows? With coloured brows you get the same effect as with a brow pen but it lasts up to 6 weeks. Just add a brow gel to set brows in place all day so you have a definitive brow-look. Perfect!

The colours can be mixed to match your particular tone and there are alternatives for you if you have more sensitive skin. Make sure you have the right tools to make this as easy as possible, with the best results. The colour can remain on the skin for a little while immediately after to make the colour feel darker than it is, but then it disappears after a couple of facial cleansings. Start by colouring the outer part of the brows where the hairs are usually a little sparse and let the colour work a little longer for a more even result. For the lashes you can mix black and dark brown for a more natural look or you can choose a blue-black shade – a more intensive and deep black colour. Super effective if you want to skip the mascara!

If you want help with instructions and what tools you need, do not hesitate to contact us or watch our video on how to dye your brows at home.


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