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An eye pencil is used to emphasize the eye makeup and is applied closest to the lash line. You can use either an eye pencil or an eyeliner.

An eyeliner has a liquid formula where the application brush is usually narrowly designed to provide a precise result. The formula usually provides a highly pigmented and intense finish.

An eye pencil gives the same results but has a different texture, usually slightly firmer and a little easier to work with.

How to use different eye pencils

A liquid eyeliner is applied along the lash line and ends in a light or elongated wing at the outer corner of the eye.

An eye pencil is used in the same way, but the texture also gives the opportunity to create a smoky eye makeup. Apply the desired amount on the eyelid and smudge with the help of your fingers or a makeup brush.

Use the pencils alone or with eye shadow to frame the eye and intensify the eye makeup. Available in different colors for the desired result.

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