Become an expert in applying makeup and make sure you get the result you want with good tools, tailored to specific uses and to the product's formula. Choose between anything from smooth lip brushes and eyebrow brushes to generous bronzing and foundation brushes, which give a professional feel and a perfect finish.

Have a separate brush for each area, to avoid the pigments being mixed and to be sure to get the shade you want. Well-cleaned brushes give a better result, and ensure that your skin is not exposed to bacteria that can cause pimples. Clean your brushes, pencils and sponges - preferably weekly - with a mild soap, shampoo or a custom brush-cleaning product such as a cleaning spray. Make sure they have properly dried before using them again.

Blush is best applied with a smaller, airy and soft brush. An overly large variant makes it difficult to limit the shading to only where you want it. A brow shadow is most easily applied with a slanted, firm brush that mimics the brows' angles. A straight cut powder brush provides more coverage and is best suited for powder products. A wider, slightly rounded shape works well for a fixing powder and you get a fine result with your liquid foundation with a slightly rounded synthetic brush.

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