Children's skin is very different from adult skin and it is constantly changing. The immune system is not fully developed, your baby's skin is half as thick, fluid level is higher in children and the pH value is different. Skin can survive a lot on its own, but children's skin is more sensitive than adults’ and products are needed to protect, soften, nurture and moisturise.

This soft and thin skin needs gentle and kind care. Choose from different oils and balms that can help with sensitive and dry cheeks. Ingredients such as coconut help the skin retain its natural, protective fat. Jojoba oil, shea butter and marigold bind moisture to the skin while strengthening the skin’s barrier and making the it velvety. Milk baths can be very good for sensitive and dry baby skin, such as honey and orange oil. Orange oil is a gentle and soothing essential oil and honey is antiseptic and softening.

Importantly, children should never stay in the sun without protection! Protect with clothes and hats. Infants should preferably not be exposed to direct sunlight. For slightly older children, it is important to have a broad spectrum sun protection with SPF50.


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