21 Days Expert Care Kit Pigment Spots - 1 pcs

21 Days Expert Care Kit Pigment Spots - 1 pcs

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Pigment Spots is a starter kit / travel kit with 4 favourites for hyperpigmentation and unveven skin tone. Foamer 15 Stimulates cell renewal with AHA, whilst Mela Cream and C25 Cream actively reduce hyperpigmentation and protect the skin with vitamin C and antioxidants. Sun Ceutic protects from future sun damage with SPF50+. Value: €108. 


  • Foamer 15, 30 ml
  • Mela Cream, 12 ml
  • C 25 Cream, 12 ml
  • Sun Ceutic, 15 ml

Complement your sunscreen with a cap or a hat when exposed to the sun to prevent future sun damage.

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