Pure VC Mellight Ampoule/Ion-jector Set - 4x9ml

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Pure VC Mellight Ampoule / Ion-jector Set is part of a new exclusive series from Dr. Ceuracle. The ampoule contains pure C vitamin powder that smoothes your skin tone, reduces fine lines and gives vitality and glow to tired and dry skin. Other active ingredients such as Idebenone, Glutathione and Tranexamic Acid add antioxidants to your skin and protect the skin from free radicals. Instead of water, Vitamin Tree Extract is added to provide long-term nutrition and hydration to the skin. The included Ion-jector boosts the effect of the ampoule and helps the active ingredients penetrate further into the skin.

  • Ampoule and Ion-jecor Set with Vitamin C.
  • Reduces fine lines and gives glow and vitality. 
  • The Ion-jector boosts the effect of the ampuple. 

One set contains 1 Ion jector and 4 ampoules and is intended for a month's use as the durability of an ampoule is about one week.

The mechanism works by cations and anions attracting each other, the naturally positively charged skin can attract the negatively charged ampoule for better absorption and better effect while the negatively charged Pure VC Mellight Ampoule can be better absorbed when holding the negatively charged pole (Ion jector ) against the skin. With the help of the electric current of the ion detector, the ampoule can then effectively penetrate the skin.

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