CitraFirm FACE Oil - 27 ml

CitraFirm FACE Oil - 27 ml

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CitraFirm FACE Oil is a nourishing oil that moisturises, stimulates cell renewal and provides an antioxidant effect. Contains Vitamin A, C, E and F, as well as citric acid, which strengthens the skin's protective barrier, stimulates collagen production and smoothes the skin tone. Argan and apricot oil moisturises deeply and gives the skin a glow again. Fits a dry skin type.

  • Facial oil for the dry skin type.
  • Vitamins and citric acid strengthen the skin barrier and give new luster.
  • Argan and apricot oil acts moisturising.

CitraFirm FACE Oil is optimal to use under foundation as a primer for extra glow.

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