Radiance Serum

Radiance Serum


Size: 30 ml

63 €
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Radiance Serum is a serum that intensely moisturises the skin and strengthens the skin's own protective barrier. With a combination of both AHA and PHA acid, the skin's cell renewal stimulates which contributes to an improved skin structure and smoother skin tone with lots of luster. The serum also works to reduce pores and fine lines. Suitable for all skin types. Radiance Serum replaces Vespera Bionic Serum.

  • Serum that intensely moisturises and gives luster.
  • AHA and PHA acid stimulate cell renewal.
  • Improved skin texture and smoother skin tone.

Radiance Serum contains mandelic acid which is antibacterial and regulates sebum production, making this serum optimal for all skin types.

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