FOREO is a high-tech innovation that upgrades the skin care routine and helps to enhance the effect of the products.


FOREO is a Swedish brand that was founded in 2013 with the goal of revolutionizing the world of skin care. FOREO's products are tailored to meet all needs in advanced skin care. With over 200 awards won in the beauty category, innovative design and technology, FOREO's products have led to a rapid spread worldwide. Today, FOREO is available in 86 countries.

All products are made of medical silicone which is a soft, non-porous material which means that bacteria cannot thrive in it. Regardless of ethnicity, age or skin type, FOREO has something to offer for you.


LUNA is one of FOREO's smartest innovations that takes the daily cleansing routine to a new level. In just one minute, the skin and pores become much cleaner and clearer with the help of LUNA's T-sonic pulsations that deep cleanses the skin and remove dirt, make-up residue and excess oil. The skin also gets a better ability to absorb skin care products.

In 2019, updated variants of LUNA were introduced: LUNA 3 and LUNA mini 3. The silicone straws are now 30% longer and 25% softer than before and are so gentle that they can be used both morning and evening.


FOREO also offers other skin care solutions:

UFO 2 which is the world's most advanced face mask tool, is designed to transform a 20 minute sheet mask treatment into a professional 90 second treatment. Depending on which mask you choose, you get a unique LED lighting program that matches these ingredients, for increased effect.

IRIS Eye Massager that works to brighten up the area around the eyes.

BEAR which is the strongest and most effective micro-current device on the market, which with its Anti-Shock function gives the skin a firming but painless treatment.

ESPADA is a modern blue light treatment equipped with a powerful Light Pulse Technology that targets blemishes and together with T-Sonic pulsations it quickly eliminates acne at its source for a clearer and fresher skin.

All FOREO's products are waterproof, have a long battery life and come in a stylish and smart design. They can all be used with your favorite products and used daily.

There is a two-year warranty on all FOREO devices.


FOREO dares to challenge traditional skin care with smart features and fast ways for long-term results. All new products from FOREO are app controlled. Which means that you can easily sync your FOREO device with the app via bluetooth and can choose between different programs and options.


  • High-tech innovation that upgrades the skin care routine.
  • Made of medical silicone.
  • Offers several different devices for different skin care solutions.
  • All units are waterproof with a stylish and smart design.
  • There is a two-year warranty on all FOREO devices.


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