UFO Mask Green Tea - 6x6g

UFO Mask Green Tea - 6x6g

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Green Tea Face Mask helps soothe skin irritated by environmental stressors. It is only used with FOREOs UFO and UFO 2. It does an amazing job protecting and rejuvenating skin’s appearance. Starring Japanese green tea and moisturizing Ulmus Davidiana Root Extract, Green Tea mask can be used daily - and at 6 masks per box you can indulge in the treatment however often you like. Activated with a unique combination of UFO technologies, the refreshing facial treatment will gently hydrate and clear up the skin so it can radiate with a natural glow. Ultra-lightweight in texture, yet energizing, each 2-minute treatment will lift you up like a freshly brewed cup of pure green tea.

  • Purifying face mask. 
  • Moisturizing and soothing. 
  • Can be used daily.

This face mask is 100% plant-based, biodegradable and packed with nutrients.

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