UFO Mask Make My Day - 7x6g

UFO Mask Make My Day - 7x6g

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UFO Mask Make My Day is a face mask that only is used with FOREO's UFO devices. The mask is intended for the morning and contains hyaluronic acid and red algae that have a deep moisturizing effect, protect against pollution and provide a radiant skin. The UFO treatment begins with 30 seconds of heat therapy and red LED light to prepare the skin and open up the pores. For the next 30 seconds, the T-Sonic pulsations are activated to increase the absorption of the mask essence. Finally, green LED light and less intense pulsations are used to even out the skin tone and give a boost of radiance.

  • Face mask for FOREO's UFO devices.
  • Deeply moisturizes and protects against pollution.
  • The UFO treatment consists of heat therapy and red and green LED lights.

Temperature and light help the skin to become more receptive to the ingredients in the mask.

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