UFO Mask Youth Junkie - 6x6g

UFO Mask Youth Junkie - 6x6g

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Youth Junkie, a collagen-infused face mask for dry, mature skin, that is only used with all UFO range devices to restore moisture and boost collagen production. The active blend delivers an intense renewal treatment, giving skin a firm and lifted appearance in only 2 minutes. Amino acids found in collagen restore skin’s youthful plump by increasing moisture, and vitamin E aids the process with protection against free radicals that can speed up ageing. Ultra-rich, the mask 6-pack improves elasticity, reduces fine lines and rejuvenates the face for a smoother, younger-looking complexion.

  • A amino acids-infused face mask.
  • For dry and mature skin. 
  • Gives skin a firm appearance.

Use regularly or a few days in a row for an intensive treatment.

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