Coconut Tan Mist Face - 100 ml

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Coconut Water Tan Mist takes tanning to the next level, it contains a base of natural Coconut Water, and is supercharged with antioxidants to restore hydration, revitalize and deliver a natural golden glow to your skin. The deeply buildable nourishing tanning spray is formulated with pure cosmetic grade Coconut Water to hydrate and soften skin, delivering a luxurious gradual golden glow day by day. The weightless formula absorbs in seconds to quickly lock in moisture, whilst essential fatty acids within the natural coconut, cater soothe dry areas and improve the skins overall texture and tone.

  • Coconut Water Tan Mist delivers a natural golden glow.
  • Hydrates and softens the skin. 
  • Absorbes quickly and locks in moisture. 

Perfect for a dry skin type that wishes to nourish the skin and at the same time get a self-tanning effect.

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