Magic Glow Wand - 1 pcs

Magic Glow Wand - 1 pcs

Joanna Vargas
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Magic Glow Wand is a multi-tool that enhances the skincare with targeted temperature and massage settings. Choose from hot, cold, and massage settings to give your skin a refreshed and revived look, and create a glowing complexion. Hot Mode: Deep-cleanse and eliminate build-up. Hot + Massage Mode: Helps skin absorb products for more effective treatments. Cool Mode: Instantly soothes skin. Cool + Massage Mode: Decreases the appearance of puffiness and gives a firming effect. The massage modes mimic the natural flow of the lymphatic system, which can carry away toxins from the skin and boost delivery of vital vitamins and nutrients.

  • Multi-tool that enhances the skincare routine. 
  • Choose from hot, cold, and massage settings. 
  • Creates a refreshed and glowing complexion. 

When skin’s temperature is too high, it can become dehydrated and dry, increasing sebum, puffiness, and causing enlarged pores. If skin’s temperature is too low, it can decrease the effectiveness of your skincare products. This tool can help balance the skin temperature.

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