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Kiehl’s was founded in New York City in 1851 and started out as a family-owned nature pharmacy with an address in the East Village neighborhood. For more than 165 years, Kiehl’s has been manufacturing hair and skin care products for women, men and children worldwide. With every product from Kiehl's, you get an incredibly effective skin care product that combines the latest technology in skincare with natural and sustainable ingredients. Their unisex collection has a wide assortment for different hair and skin types.

Ultra Facial Series

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Series was created to moisturise and nourish the skin while being very gentle. This is the most popular collection from Kiehl’s and includes some of the absolute bestsellers like Ultra Facial Cream or the Ultra Facial Cleanser.

Dermatologist Solutions

Kiehl's is known for their series Dermatologist Solutions, which is an effective facial care series made for specific skin conditions such as pigmentations, enlarged pores, oily skin, dry skin, wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes.


Every single ingredient and formulations in the products have been tested thoroughly by Kiehl's security team. That way, they can know for sure that every single product is safe to sell and that it is a reliable and conscientious brand with a focus on the safety of their customers.

Kiehl’s Made Better

In addition to skin care, Kiehl's is also super committed to the environment. The goal is to do the least possible damage to the environment without compromising on efficiency. Kiehl's Made Better products focus on natural ingredients as well as sustainable packaging and production methods.

Quick facts

  • Founded in New York 1851 as a pharmacy.
  • Wide assortment of Skin care and hair care.
  • Combines latest technology with natural ingredients.
  • All ingredients and formulations are thoroughly tested.
  • Sustainable packaging and production methods.
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