Artist Eyelash Curler - 1 pcs

Laura Mercier
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The Artist Eyelash Curler is the ultimate tool for a wide-eyed effect. The unique wide angled curler is designed to lift and curl each and every lash. The double-handled grip provides optimal control to curl from the base of the lashes with a single squeeze. The silicone pads are engineered for optimal density providing a long lasting curling effect without damaging the lashes. 

  • Eyelash curler with silicone pads.
  • Double-handled grip for optimal control.
  • Comes with one replacement silicone pad.

Apply mascara after the curling is done, otherwise your eyelashes can stick to the eyelash holder which can lead to breakage of the eyelash. It also makes the eyelash curler messy and the mascara might spread on the skin around eyes.

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