make p:rem

Making a Pragmatic Remedy, or make p:rem, has an uncomplicated and pragmatic approach to skincare. This is seen in the absence of unnecessary ingredients that can irritate the skin, a skincare routine with few and simple steps, and at the same time having very mild ingredients that suit every skin type.

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  • Korean skincare with northern European contents.
  • Mild and safe, yet effective ingredients.
  • Multi-functional products with ergonomic packaging.
  • Easy skincare routine for all skin types.
  • Moisturises and strengthens without irritating sensitive skin.

make p:rem develops intelligent, multi-functional and completely unique products that make it easier and more effective to achieve visible results - even in stressful everyday life. The basic function of the brand is to deeply moisturise the skin and enrich it with antioxidants, to make it stronger and to slow down premature ageing. Their patented 'Micro Trans-Moisture™ technology' is present in all products to optimise moisturisation of the skin. 

make p:rem is Korean, but the products breathe Scandinavian minimalism and all the contents are sourced from northern Europe, icluding moisturising birch sap and peat water combined with mineral rich algae from Iceland (ascophyllum nodosum) and stem cells from Nordic Arctic raspberries. The stem cells are the first of their kind and have been developed in cooperation with VTT Technical Research Center - a public research authority in Finland.

The entire product range undergoes strict dermatological tests to guarantee quality and safety.