MAKTHEMAKE is a makeup-infused skincare brand that brings together the best of healthy skincare with skin-enhancing makeup, the focus being on different skin types and skin conditions, as well as on results and finish. MAKETHEMAKE’s unique quality is the combination of experience and a full assortment of makeup-infused skincare. All products are developed by skin therapists based on experience, expertise and knowledge, with careful research gathered from customers’ feedback. 


All products contain high doses of scientifically proven active ingredients, with the purpose of extending the skincare routine, with a makeup base as the last step. This range of products has something for every skin type and skin tone, with different textures, formulas, ingredients and finish. Your skin will have a great look during the day, enhancing your natural features, with healthy skin tomorrow. 


MAKETHEMAKE has a complete selection of makeup brushes with multi-functional qualities that work together with the all the makeup products. All brushes are made of Taklon – a vegan synthetic fibre designed to give a better user experience than natural hair does. The off-white bristles are placed extremely tight together to deliver as soft and precise a result as possible, regardless which level of coverage you go for, or what products you use. Taklon has a smoother surface than natural hair, which is why it’s a more hygienic material, due to the surface being more difficult for bacteria to attach to, which also makes it easy to clean. The bristles in the brushes have different levels of coarseness, making them perfect for picking up the product and dispersing an optimal amount onto your skin upon application. The short MAKETHEMAKE brush shaft allows for close, precision application and fits easily into any makeup bag. The flat bottom of the shaft means it can stand up between applications. 


Clean the brushes regularly, with a mild shampoo designed for brushes and be sure to squeeze out the water properly afterwards. Let them dry laying down on a towel. Between shampoos it is advised to spray the brush with an antibacterial cleaning spray specially designed for make-up tools.

A tip! To find your shade use MAKETHEMAKE's 'shade converter' pictures where the shades are compared with other brands. You find the each picture in the product description.

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