Peptide Building Brows 02 Medium (Soft brown) - 5,5 gram

Peptide Building Brows 02 Medium (Soft brown) - 5,5 gram

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Peptide Building Brows is a brow gel with microfibre that builds up the small hairs for a perfect and natural result. The gel formula is enriched with Copper Tripeptide-1, which stimulates capillaries to support hair follicle growth. Also contains moisturising vitamin B5 (Panthenol), Soybean Oil and vegetable protein that gives elasticity and shine. The small mascara brush helps sculpt and define the brows from a perfectly natural look to unruly so-called "boy brows". Available in two brown and natural shades that match most types.

  • Brow gel that builds up small hairs for filled-out eyebrows.
  • Contains Peptides, Proteins and Panthenol.
  • Easy to apply with the small mascara brush.

Choose your colour by picking a shade darker than your natural hair colour.

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