Pressed Powder Brush - 1 pcs

Pressed Powder Brush - 1 pcs

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Pressed Powder Brush is a soft and sturdy brush designed for applying pressed powder to give a professional result. Combining the unique application technique and the heat from your skin makes the foundation blend perfectly, for a 'one with your skin' texture and a seamless finish. This results in your skin looking natural and flawless, regardless of the amount of product used. The bristles themselves have different grades of coarseness, allowing for optimal collection of the foundation and to allow just the right amount to be placed onto the skin upon application. Suitable for applying solid foundation and contouring.

  • Soft, sturdy brush for pressed powder.
  • Made of super soft Taklon (synthetic hair).
  • Designed for perfect application of solid products.

Pressed Powder Brush can also be used to seamlessly blend contouring and powder products for an airbrushed finish.

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