Calm Gentle Retinal Serum - 30 ml

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As part of the Osmosis classifications for their Vitamin A serums, this is a level 2 formula designed to restore moderately sensitive skin types. Combining a specialist, tolerable Vitamin A derivative with Peptides and Lactic Acid, this serum offers a dramatic restoration of the skin rejuvenation process. With ingredients that calm, repair, strengthen and balance the skin, this formula results in a complexion that feels firmer and looks clearer.

  • Rejuvenating serum for sensitive skin.
  • Contains Retinaldehyde, Peptides and Lactic Acid.
  • Calms inflammation and improves skin barrier function.

Vitamin A can make the skin sensitive to the sun's rays, so always apply a sunscreen in the morning, to protect against sun-induced inflammation and damage.

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