The Unscrub

The Unscrub

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118 ml

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The UnScrub is a skin-softening, mild cleansing scrub. It washes away heavy makeup, sunscreen and impurities while gently polishing the skin’s surface with natural, biodegradable jojoba beads. These pressure-sensitive beads naturally dissolve as you cleanse, making it impossible to over-scrub. The UnScrub is ideal for those who enjoy that extra-clean feeling a well-formulated scrub provides.

  • Mild cleansing scrub that effectively removes makeup.
  • Cleans and refines without disrupting skin’s delicate barrier.
  • Instantly leaves skin soft and glowing.

If you feel like an anti-scrub person, this can be your alternative. Instead of coarse particles, the UnScrub contains soft, flexible, soluble jojoba beads that do not irritate  your skin, but ensure a clean skin with a soft feel.

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