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Peter Thomas Roth transformed the way to work with skincare when he wanted to change his own skin. His search for products that could improve his everything but perfect skin only led to disappointment. Therefore he decided to develop an assortment of treating products created with effective ingredients and advanced technique that offered solutions for a broad spectrum of skin needs. That was the background to Peter Thomas Roth Clinical Skin Care.


Peter Thomas Roth’s passion for skincare comes from his quest to find effective products to treat his own personal skincare concerns. Initially his primary issue was acne and as time went on anti-ageing issues as well. His interests eventually grew into a desire to find the best tools to combat acne, the many signs of ageing, as well as protecting the skin from sun damage. His mission was to combine effective and potent ingredients with advanced technology.

As the first generation child of Hungarian parents, skincare is an inherent part of Peter's heritage. During the 1800:s and early 1900:s, Peter's family owned and operated two spa resorts in Hungary. When Peter launched his company in 1993, he started with the basic soothing and healing philosophies of the many muds and minerals found in Hungarian thermal springs. While still giving credit to old-school remedies, Peter now uses the latest innovative and effective ingredients to improve on the formulas blending old Hungarian philosophies with 21st century skincare technologies - creating effective skincare that delivers what it promises.

Peter has been able to establish his concept with the help of his old friend and current business partner June Jacobs, and in 1993, they established Peter Thomas Roth Clinical Skin Care. Since then, the products achieve great success through its high standard, fulfilling the needs of customers. Many of the Hollywood elite such as Sharon Stone, Hilary Swank, Debra Messing, Steven Spielberg rave about Peter Thomas Roth’s skincare line.  

Peter is still actively engaged in the ongoing, progressive product development process and creative branding of the comprehensive range of over 100 products. The line was created to be customized to an individual’s unique skin care needs, consisting of moisturizers, cleansers, sun protections, acne and anti-ageing products. Source:


General Contraindications for products containing active ingredients (e.g. AHA products).

1. If you are still using exfoliating products from a different line of products; stop using these 2 weeks prior to starting a new treatment

2. Do not exfoliate on sunburned skin (red/irritated) or newly waxed skin

3. Do not use if your are taking prescription medication for acne

4. If you are using prescription medication for acne e.g. Roaccutane/isotretinoin your should stop taking the medicine at least 6 months prior to using products with active ingredients

5. If you are using topical creams to treat acne e.g. Aberela, Retinova, Zorac, Differin you should stop using the product at least 2-3 months prior to exfoliating your skin


Start by introducing one product at a time when switching to new skincare products. It takes approximately 2-8 weeks for the skin to acclimate to new products, and for you to see an improvement. Initially, you may experience worsening of the skin before it gets better; dryness, impurities and blemishes are common. This cleansing is normal and happens because the skin is wearing off the previous products. If you experience lasting discomfort, stop the treatment and contact one of our estheticians.


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