Mineral Skincare SPF 25 Shade 4 - 5 gram

Mineral Skincare SPF 25 Shade 4 - 5 gram

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The Mineral Skincare SPF 25, (Shades 1-5) is more than just make-up, it is also a specialist skincare powder that conceals, repairs and protects. This easy-to-use, lightweight loose powder is infused with an abundance of botanical complex composed of 30 powerful plant-derived antioxidants including Acai, Turmeric, Green tea and Cocoa. Mineral UV filters protect and care for your skin while adding a buildable veil of coverage to conceal blemishes and imperfections. This hybrid powder skincare and make-up improves your complexion both visually and practically, concealing fine lines, spots, redness and uneven tone and leaving your skin smooth and perfected every time.

  • Lightweight powder skincare/make-up hybrid.
  • Conceals redness and imperfections.
  • Free from talc and preservatives.

When the temptation is just to cover up a blemish or unevenness on your complexion, use Mineral Skincare SPF 25 to repair and protect it at the same time.

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