Acne on the body is common and can be at least as problematic as acne in the face. The pimples often appear on the back, but the chest is also a common problem area. One can have different degrees of acne, from mild to severe and the problems usually begin during puberty when androgens, sex hormones, begin to be produced and stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum than necessary. An excess of sebum, together with insufficient exfoliation - old skin cells that clog pores, together with an excess of acne bacteria - is the cause of growing pimples and acne.

It is important to use a mild shower gel that does not dry the skin out to counteract dryness and clogged pores (blackheads), which can in turn lead to acne. A body lotion with exfoliating BHA both prevents and treats acne on the body. The BHA acid also acts as an anti-inflammatory so that the redness around the acne is reduced. Regular hydration is important to prevent old skin cells from clogging the pores and forming sebum plugs.


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