Skin hardening can be very uncomfortable. Feet can develop hardening that can crack, usually on the heels, and there are foot baths that have emollient properties to care for them. It is important to follow up with a foot file to get rid of excess skin, and then finish with a rich cream that can contain beneficial acids to exfoliate and repair dry skin. As a night treatment, you can sleep with a pair of cotton socks on for intensive care. A mixture of AHA and PHA acid, for example, together with vitamin E, is a very effective combination for mild but effective exfoliation and for repairing dry and even cracked skin.

Even hands can develop calluses and when that happens it is also important to exfoliate dry skin with a scrub or a cream containing acids and then to hydrate with a light moisturiser throughout the day and a richer balm during the night to provide intensive nurturing and repair. The same treatment applies to rough and uneven skin texture on the body - exfoliation with AHA acids for example, embedded in a caring body cream that smoothes and softens the skin.


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