Dry skin is often extra sensitive because the skin’s barrier is not intact and therefore reacts more easily to certain products, contaminants and cold, for example. There can be several factors determining why the skin becomes extra dry, such as heredity, environmental stressors, hormones, age and the wrong skin care products.

Dry skin in particular needs fat to compensate for low sebum production. Replace your shower gel with a nourishing shower cream or, if available, a bath with bath oils such as nourishing macadamia nut oil, almond oil, sunflower oil and rice seed oil. Then follow with a body lotion with mild acids that clears the skin and moisturises in depth. Richer creams and nourishing oils are also recommended to repair the skin barrier and lock the moisture into the skin. Because dry skin can become sensitive and irritated, you may sometimes need to supplement your regimen with soothing products, and don’t forget your hands and feet. Foot care with a foot bath etc. and rich creams can save cracked heels, and a hand cream with, for example, nourishing beeswax and Brazil nut oil, kept for easy accessibility in your handbag during the day ensures that your hands are kept smooth and moisturised even in biting cold.

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