Lacking firmness

Firmness recedes in the skin as the skin ages. Elastin and collagen are produced more slowly and it is precisely these two components of the skin that help to keep the skin firm, elastic and moisturised, and strengthen the skeleton and the joints and blood vessels as well. Together, they ensure that our skin looks youthful and smooth and that it can heal when it has been damaged.

UV radiation also helps to break down collagen in the skin, so remember your sunscreen! Then you can also work on reinforcing and protecting your skin with fantastic ingredients. Vitamin A (retinol) and also Vitamin E and C stimulate cell renewal and collagen synthesis. Also, focus your attention on ingredients that have a firming effect to make the skin more smooth and strengthen firmness. Examples of ingredients that have a firming effect include stem cell extract from German oxel and plant extract from mukul and kigelia. Peptides work to strengthen and lotus extracts are also a super-ingredient that encourages firmness and resilience. Don't forget to exfoliate with circular motions to get the circulation started.

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