Hyperpigmentation is caused by an overproduction of melanin, the skin pigment. Overproduction is triggered by several factors, such as exposure to the sun, genetic factors, age, hormone changes and skin damage or inflammation. Pigment spots in the form of "age spots" are caused by intensive or prolonged sun exposure and they occur with increasing age. The décolletage is a common area for sun damage and pigmentation on the body. Here the skin is thin and is often exposed to the sun for a long time. Areas such as the backs of hands and shoulders are also particularly vulnerable areas, where pigment spots can often appear.

Pigmented skin products using arbutin, retinol and lactic acid, for example, help suppress melanin overproduction and reduce the appearance of dark spots. Protect your skin from sun exposure with a UV protection tailored to your body and your needs, to avoid burning and pigmentation on the skin. If you have extra sensitive skin, a sunscreen with a physical filter, such as titanium dioxide, is a suitable additional choice.


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