Sensitive skin

Dryness and sensitivity often go hand in hand. Sensitive skin reacts more easily to different types of stressors, such as heat, cold, sun and dry air. Chronic inflammations and prolonged cortisone use are other examples of things that can affect the skin’s barrier and exacerbate the skin’s sensitivity. Therefore, the skin must be extra protected against sun and cold and it is important to exfoliate and work with barrier-strengthening products.

Replace your shower gel with a richer shower cream. Use a richer body cream, preferably one that contains mild acids such as PHA that mildly exfoliates dry, old skin cells. Strengthen the skin’s barrier with ingredients such as cholesterol and ceramides. Also supplement with soothing ingredients to suppress redness. SPF50 + is very important, but complement with clothes that cover your shoulders and provide shade. Avoid the sun in the middle of the day and do not stay in direct sunlight for too long. For harsh cold winds, you should protect your skin with clothing or products that contain, beeswax for example, which provides a protective film on the skin and locks in the moisture.

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