Aids drainage

Draining products may be needed in order to stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic circulation and to get rid of accumulations of fluid. One can perform a special draining massage to transport excess fluid and dissolved substances from the tissue to the blood. But there are also some components in skin care that can help. If you want to get rid of swelling and cellulite, you should be looking for draining products.

To give some examples, grapefruit extracts are good for stimulating draining and circulation. If you massage your body with a balm that contains this ingredient in circular motions from the bottom upwards it will have a cleansing effect. Caffeine has a stimulating effect for bags under the eyes. Some peptides, citrus antioxidants and yeast extracts promote the skin's own microcirculation and strengthen the skin so as to minimise the appearance of puffiness and bags under the eyes. Essential chamomile oil also has both an anti-inflammatory and a draining effect.

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