Bronzer is a great way to give yourself a perfect sun-kissed look without subjecting yourself to the sun's rays. There are lots of different products you can use for different results. Among other things there are nourishing oils that contain a golden shimmer, there are bronzers that come in the form of powder, cream, stick or mist. Many self tanning-products also have a little shimmer in them for an immediate effect, while at the same time also providing a self tanning-effect.

You can apply a bronzing powder over the face, starting along the hairline, down over the cheekbone and then finishing under the jawbone. Repeat on both sides of the face. Oils with shimmer in them can also be applied to the hair. The shoulders and collarbones also become super stylish when you highlight them with bronzer for a perfect look. There are sun powders that are mattified or come with shimmer. Many of these products also contain SPF.

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