Excess sebum can sometimes cause shiny areas and there are products you can use to give a mattifying effect. For example, you can focus on ingredients that dissolve clogged pores and balance sebum production such as salicylic acid and niacinamide that draws pores together. A clay mask is another good option to use regularly. But there are also great products you can use during the day. You can make use of a mist or a setting spray that works to regulate sebum and keep the skin unreflective and matte during the day.

Many primers, foundations or day creams also have a helpful mattifying effect. For example, choose an oil-free day cream or a spot treatment that you can apply partially, because shininess usually occurs in the T-zone. Tips on ingredients could include, for instance, bamboo and pistachio trees, as well as super-efficient and beloved retinol which is a wonder-ingredient for dampening sebum production. A good trick for a quick fix is also to have a transparent powder with you during the day.

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