The skin is our largest organ, and it protects us against many harmful effects. So that’s why it is important we take good care of it. Depending on what you specifically want to protect your skin from, there are a variety of different types of protection.

One of the most important of these, which is a must in every skin care routine, is UV protection. A wide-spectrum UV filter is an anti-ageing product and helps prevent hyperpigmentation from occurring, among other things. But there are also many cold months in the year and icy winds that take it out of the skin. For that, a so-called ‘climate cream’ can be a good alternative. With ingredients such as shea butter and beeswax, you get an airtight protective film that helps the skin maintain its moisture. Nowadays, we are also constantly exposed to airborne contaminants and therefore antioxidants in skin care are an important part of being able to protect oneself against free radicals. All of these factors damage the skin’s own protective barrier and therefore ceramides can be an extremely important component in skin care. If you help your skin to keep its own barrier strong, you will have stronger protection against external stressors.

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