Being able to relax and unwind and shut out stress is vital for both the body and the mind. Stress can exacerbate various skin conditions such as dry spots, itching, pimples and eczema. Fragrances, baths, oils and masks are some things that can help you to have a more relaxed everyday life.

There are a wide variety of oils available to uplift all the senses. For example, neroli oil has long been highly rated in aromatherapy for its calming and soothing scent, which eases tension, anxiety and stress. Bathing with the right products is beneficial for the skin but also for the mind. Other essential oils are lavender, chamomile and bergamot, which are soothing and evoke a sense of well-being. If you have a hard time relaxing in the evening, go for a relaxing bath with mineral salts and herbs, then wrap your body in a caring oil or lotion infused with soothing lavender. Finish by spraying lightly around your bedroom and on your pillow with a soothing room mist. A safe tip for stress relief in your everyday life is to spend 15 minutes on the sofa very evening with some relaxing music and a caring face mask.

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