Do you have sensitive skin, surface blood vessels and a tendency to flare up and blush? Or maybe your skin has worked a little harder than normal in a tough climate, or perhaps undergone chemical treatments? In those instances it is important to repair your skin and allow it to recover. Work with calming and refreshing products to cool a hot, flushing redness. It is also important to work with soothing products in cases of inflammation of the skin such as acne. It is important to treat your skin carefully with gentle products.

One great tip is to use a gel mask that you have put in the refrigerator for an extra cooling sensation. A gel mask with cucumber and aloe vera, for example, moisturises and soothes effectively. Bisabolol is another example of an amazing ingredient that can help calm reactive skin. Liquorice extract has soothing properties as well, and ceramides that, among other things, help to build the skin’s barrier can have beneficial effects on sensitivity. A weakened skin barrier can lead to irritation and redness and therefore barrier-enhancing ingredients can help.

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