The skin around the eyes is extra thin and becomes slightly dry, which can lead to sensitivity. Other causes of sensitive skin in the eye area may be the wrong type of products, perfume, essential oils or UV light. Sensitivity may manifest itself in the form of redness, irritation or itchy eyelids. If the skin around the eyes is dry, red and itchy, you may have atopic dermatitis. Some people also experience a burning sensation. Eczema around the eyes is also common, especially in winter. A mild moisturiser adapted to the eyes is a clever way to treat dryness and sensitivity. Make sure that your cleaning and makeup remover are extra gentle in their formulas.

Eye cream can be used morning and evening. Remember to customise your choice of products for your particular skin. Choose something more caring and richer at night and lighter and cooler during the day to reduce swelling and other signs of fatigue. Every now and again it can be beneficial to give an intensive treatment with an eye mask. Keep in mind that you only need a small amount of eye cream per application - about the amount of a grain of rice. Pat in gently and avoid stretching the skin.

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