Normal skin

Normal skin is, for the most part, completely hassle-free, and feels soft and neither dry nor oily. The pores mostly appear small and the skin remains balanced all year round. The greatest risk if you have normal skin type and therefore do not experience any direct problems is that your skin is neglected. Although the skin mostly stays problem-free, it needs moisture and protection, especially UV protection. All skin types need daily care to stay fresh, resilient and resistant.

Normal skin needs moisture and protection like all skin types. That increases the likelihood that the skin stays in good condition as you get older. It is a worthwhile investment to get yourself a complete daily skin care routine, and often this needs to be adapted to the seasons. Remember to cleanse your skin morning and evening to remove contaminants and sebum, as well as old skin cells that are shed during the night. Moisturise day and night and preferably supplement with an exfoliation and a serum. Don't forget daily UV protection. A facial mask at least once a week is a smart way to boost lustre and smooth out skin texture.

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