Scarring is a type of tissue that occurs when the skin heals. Scar tissue is created by the same collagen as the tissue it has replaced but in a slightly different composition. What happens is that new skin is formed which lacks certain properties found in the original skin, which makes it less elastic. The skin then has a different colour and shape than the surrounding skin. The more damaged the skin is, the longer the healing time is needed and the longer time a wound needs to heal, the greater the risk becomes of a visible scar happening. In skin care, some of the most common problem areas are scars after acne and stretch marks that arise after the skin has been stretched out too quickly, for example during pregnancy.

Skin care can help the healing process when the scars are still red; that is, when the tissue is still active, to prevent white scars from occurring. Look for ingredients that accelerate and help the healing process, such as Aloe Vera Barbadensis and Vitamin E. Propolis is another ingredient that can counteract wound damage, such as scarring. Other ways of preventing scarring would also include lubricating the skin during, for example, pregnancy with moisturising shea butter or sunflower oil.

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