Sensitive skin

A sensitive skin can easily become irritated and red. It also has more superficial blood vessels than a normal skin type. The problem areas and the amount can vary but you can usually find them on the cheeks or around the nose. A sensitive skin reacts more easily to different types of stress, such as heat, cold, sun and dry air. Also, consumption of alcohol, coffee and smoking can make the condition worse. A so-called reactive skin is not constantly red or irritated as a sensitive skin but flares up and blushes easily by various types of stress, such as powerful products or by touch.

A sensitive skin must be protected extra carefully against sun and cold weather, even wind. It is important to keep in mind to avoid products that increase the circulation, such as active serums. Instead, choose mild products that strengthen the skin and soothe redness. Also avoid powerful exfoliations and scrubs and use an exfoliator with enzymes that exfoliates gently but effectively instead. BHA acid is both mild and anti-inflammatory, making it a good alternative for sensitive skin

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