Pimples are a very common skin problem that usually occur on the face, chest, back or shoulders, due to increased sebum production in these areas. If the pimples are white, the sebum is stuck under a layer of keratinised cells and can be treated with a regular gentle exfoliation, and a lot of moisturising. If the pimples are red and irritated, an inflammation has occurred, due to the acne bacterium, P. Acnes. Inflamed pimples can happen to anyone on occasion, and are often triggered by a hormonal imbalance - for example, in men.

As far as possible, avoid pinching the pimples, as this may cause the acne bacterium to spread and form new inflamed pimples. Skin care can help the skin regain its balance and thus both counter and treat pimples. By regulating sebum production, speeding up cell renewal, combating bacterial infections and reducing inflammation, the symptoms can be alleviated and new outbreaks prevented, without drying out the skin. Look for products with BHA (salicylic acid) that have a mild exfoliating and sebum balancing effect. For single pimples there are spot treatment products that treat the pimples locally.

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