Uneven skin texture

Uneven skin texture often happens because of dryness and insufficient exfoliation of the skin. Regular use of a variety of peeling or of an exfoliating cream helps to remove old skin cells that have remained on the skin’s surface, making it shiny and structurally coarse. Well maintained skin becomes softer and allows your moisturising cream to work more effectively deep down.

To counteract uneven skin texture, focus on exfoliating ingredients, such as AHA and BHA. These both work to remove old skin cells and thus smooth out the skin, and together with subsequent ingredients make help to make the skin more soft and smooth. Uneven skin structure can also have the effect of causing enlarged pores, scars or acne. Use, for example, astringent niacinamide and antibacterial acids such as the BHA acid or mandelic acid, together with ingredients that help the healing process to prevent scarring.

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