Uneven skin tone

Uneven skin tone may occur as a result of various skin conditions. For example, this could include dark circles under the eyes, redness or pigmentation. Nowadays you can find many different products that settle and neutralise your skin tone and give immediate results.

Do you suffer from redness or do you have red marks from acne? In those instances you can make use of creams containing green pigments to directly neutralise the red. Brightening ingredients help hyperpigmentation and by applying red or orange pigments to dark circles or other dark spots you can neutralise dark areas. Caring ingredients and pigments today come in a BB / CC / DD cream form that melts into your skin tone and balances out instead of covering. The CC cream, especially, contains pigment but also active ingredients that improve and balances out skin tone. Examples of ingredients are Arbutin and Vitamin C, which give a lighter and more even skin tone.

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