Wrinkles & fine lines

Lines and wrinkles tend to occur when the skin suffers from a lack of moisture and also when the skin ages. Finer lines – dryness lines – that are the initial origin of lines, arise from dryness and they can be treated with moisturising products. But deeper lines and wrinkles that occur due to slower cell turnover when ageing necessitate products that regenerate cells.

Get rid of the dryness lines by exfoliating the skin so that the ingredients can penetrate. Hyaluronic acid is our all-round moisturiser and you should make sure to add this ingredient to your skin care regimen to work on the fine lines. The deeper wrinkles are due to slower cell turnover, but there are many other contributing factors, such as genes, UV radiation and environmental pollution. Therefore, UV protection is important to counteract skin ageing. AHA is also a go-to ingredient as it exfoliates old skin cells and at the same time stimulates cell renewal. Antioxidants are also important to protect against free radicals and repair the cells in the skin.

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