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SKINCITY skincare is a line of professional skincare that has been developed and formulated by our most experienced skin therapists together with Sweden's best skincare chemists. All the products are made in Sweden by reputable manufacturers who have long experience in the production of leading skincare products. Each product is designed with a clear purpose and with a primary focus on results, but also on preserving and building the vital skin barrier for skin that’s healthy in the long term. 


We are aware that it can be difficult to know which products to choose - and even harder to know which ingredients you can combine for the best results. SKINCITY skincare is designed with this in mind - so that everyone can find a perfectly adapted skincare routine without having to be a skincare professional, and that is ultimately our message - Advanced Skincare Made Easy. 


We are convinced that a combination of 'cosmeceuticals' and high-potency natural ingredients are required to get optimal results for the skin. We have optimised the concentration of the active ingredients in our products to achieve maximum results, whilst being safely within the skin’s natural tolerance, and it is also of utmost importance to us that they feel fantastic on the skin. 

We use maximum concentrations of active ingredients for the best possible results, but always combined with moisturising, strengthening and protective ingredients in balanced formulations for minimal skin irritation. You can clearly see which active ingredients each product contains by reading the back of the packaging. 


The products in SKINCITY skincare are divided into different steps to make it easy for you to understand the order in which you should use your products. You follow the steps in your customised skincare routine, but you can easily modify your routine by adding one or more steps for specific skin conditions. 

  1. Cleanse - The first step in every skin care routine for healthy skin.
  2. Balance - Toner: This step restores the skin's important pH value, provides much-needed hydration and is the first active step in your skin care routine.
  3. Resurface - Daily Exfoliation: Provides visible results for everything from enlarged pores to uneven skin tone or rough skin texture, and is the best possible way to enhance the penetration of any active serum you apply after it.
  4. Activate - The most important step for optimal skin health. The star product you will find for this step: First Concentrate.
  5. Treat - Serum: In this step where you can really tailor your routine with the correct serum for your particular skin type.
  6. Hydrate - Moisturiser: In this step you provide your skin with important emollients - substances that ensure that moisture and active substances remain deep down in the skin where they are able to work actively, and that the skin surface meanwhile remains moisturised and supple.
  7. Deep Treat - Special Care: In this step you can give your skin an extra boost if needed.



All products are vegan and the ingredients are responsibly selected with respect for nature's resources and with the environment in mind. We are constantly working to find new, smart solutions to minimise packaging and wrapping - at present, for example, all our packaging is recyclable and we have made a conscious choice to opt out of both outer cartons and metallic print on some of our packaging. 


  • Advanced skincare that is easy to understand and use.
  • Professional skincare for all skin types and conditions.
  • Balanced compositions with optimal concentrations of active ingredients.
  • Performance-oriented and active skincare, even for sensitive skin.
  • A focus on sustainability and transparency.
  • Developed by experienced skin therapists with long experience in customer feedback.
  • Affordable without compromising on quality and concentration.
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