Sunwards Face Anti-wrinkle Spf 30 - 50 ml

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This product are specially developed to give full UV protection for light-sensitive skin types or as a preventive base care to counteract skin aged by light.  It can even be used as the base layer of UV protection when you are at risk for high exposure to UV light.  The product is multifunctional with specific properties that counteract skin aged by light (the development of uneven pigmentation) wrinkles and lines.  The skin´s aging process is effectively counteracted, while you can, at the same time safely enjoy the sun?s beneficial properties.

  • Lotion 50 ml


SUNWARDS is clinical sun protection that has a fresh, neutral scent with unique properties based on profound research and technology for a safe and effective sunlight protection.  The patented Synchroblock-technology provides full UVA and UVB protection, which provides effective, long-term protection.

The products have a light mess-free formula that will not clog your pores or leave a white film on your skin.  Several of the products are multifunctional with skin care properties that compliment each other and are for both the face and body, and are also safe for children.  They even contain MSM (a natural substance) that calms and has anti-inflammatory properties.

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