Ultrasun is a sun protection brand for everyone, but with a focus on sensitive skin. The products protect against the entire light spectrum to provide optimal protection against free radicals. Their quick-absorbing formulas have a pleasant and comforting feel on the skin and are composed with durability in mind. 


The brand is recommended by dermatologists and is distributed around the world mainly through pharmacies. All products are free of fragrances and other potential allergens and are thus optimally suitable for sensitive skin - but there is something for everyone. The products are available in spray format, gels and ultra-light formulas. The range also includes after-sun products that are anti-inflammatory and soothing.


Mineral/Sensitive skin 
Tanning/After Sun 


The products are fast-absorbing, which is achieved due to the lamellar cell membrane-like structure of the formulations, similar to the skin's outer epidermis (stratum corneum), so that the sunscreen remains in the top layer and does not risk penetrating too deep into the skin. This helps to use a lesser quantity of sunscreen in the formulation, which reduces the environmental impact. The sunscreens are also adapted to respect coral reefs and they have an EcoSun Pass approval according to BASF. 


The brand combines chemical and physical UV filters to achieve optimum protection against UV rays. Ultrasun is careful to use the safest and light-stable chemical filters in their products, but there are products for the most sensitive that only have physical UV filters. 

All products protect against the entire light spectrum, such as blue light (HEV) and infrared light (IR), which can also lead to the formation of free radicals in the skin, in turn leading to cellular damage and pigmentation. A combination of antioxidants, particulate filters and UV filters thus give the products broad-spectrum protection. They also contain Ectoin, which blocks melanin synthesis to counteract pigmentation. 


  • Sun protection brand for everyone - even the most sensitive.
  • Recommended by dermatologists.
  • Protects against the entire light spectrum.
  • Respectful of sustainability.
  • Customised to respect coral reefs - EcoSun Pass approved.